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Bonus Ep: Fish farms & sea lice on Loch Maree

Bonus Ep: Fish farms & sea lice on Loch Maree

On last week’s episode we spoke to Eoghain Maclean, a ghillie on Scotland’s famed Loch Maree which has collapsed as a fishery since the arrival of fish farms.

We wanted a ghillie’s perspective on it to sound a warning as to what could happen to other fisheries in Ireland being similarly affected.

And now, as a follow-up, we have a bonus episode from Wild Fish, the UK fish conservation group, which made a video on the demise of Loch Maree.

You’ll hear from Jeremy Paxman, Eoghain Macclean and fishery scientists about the effects of sea lice on salmon and sea trout and how this has impacted what was once a jewel in the crown of Scotland’s lochs.

It has also happened before in Ireland with the sea trout fisheries in Connemara, and it can happen here again.

The audio is courtesy of and you can watch the video on their YouTube channel.

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