Early Season Buzzer Tactics Masterclass

Mike Keady into another Corrib trout on buzzer tactics in early season.

International angler and Lough Corrib expert, Mike Keady, explains early season buzzer tactics on this Ireland on the Fly Masterclass.

This webinar was originally recorded on March 14th with live audience questions on the night.

What’s the set-up, what flies to use and how to maximise your catch rates early season using buzzer tactics?  All of that and more, Mike Keady explained. Plus, he then answered fly angler questions live during the second part of the webinar.

To learn from Mike and view this Masterclass as well as receiving a copy of Mike’s detailed notes, you can register and pay at the following link. Tickets to access the Masterclass are just €10.


Learn from international angler and Lough Corrib expert, Mike Keady.

Stay tuned for our masterclasses throughout 2024, covering salmon, rivers, loughs, streamers, lures, dries – everything to make you a better salmon or trout fly angler, helping you to catch more this year and learn from the best.

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