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From Patagonia to the Ponoi – Matthew Solon, the Clare man guiding around the world

From Patagonia to the Ponoi – Matthew Solon, the Clare man guiding around the world

A guide’s life…..Matthew Solon enjoying the saltwater action.

We’ve all seen the pictures of far flung fly fishing destinations with anglers holding huge fish and a guide beside them looking just as happy to have seen such a monster fish landed, and I’m sure you’ve probably thought, now that’s a job I wouldn’t mind doing.

Working, living and fishing in some of the most incredible fly fishing destinations in the world, how could you not love it?

But what’s it really like?  Beyond the Instagram pictures of giant fish and smiling guests, it’s also a nomadic life cut off from society for most of the year and certainly not a life for everyone.

Matthew Solon is a Clare man who has followed this path guiding on the Ponoi, in Patagonia, the Seychelles and Iceland and he joins us on this week’s show with some tall tales and insights into the guiding life.

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