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Peter Mantle: the Irish Delphi Oracle

Peter Mantle: the Irish Delphi Oracle

It’s still been a slow start to the salmon season for anglers - despite the first fish caught on Currane at the end of January by local angler, Kevin O’Shea - and with the country still recovering from Storm Dennis and many rivers unfishable, I thought this week would be a good time to step back a bit and hear about the story of Peter Mantle who, despite so many battles, obstacles and difficulties in his early years, built Delphi in Connemara up into one of the foremost salmon fisheries in Ireland.

Peter of course went on to found Delphi Bahamas but it was with Delphi in Connemara that he found such success initially. 

This episode is based on an interview I did with Peter in his house a few years ago.  It was the end of the season and Peter had come over to Ireland with his family for a few days r'n r.  Despite having worked in the Bahamas in recent years and moving back to the UK, it was obvious he still loved both Delphi and Connemara with them holding a special place in his heart.

Peter is a natural raconteur and one can easily see why people invested in his Delphi dreams and also why the shared dinner table there became so legendary.

This is story is all about Peter Mantle, his story, in his own words of becoming the Irish Delphi oracle….

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