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The Bucket List #2: New Zealand on the Fly with Ronan Creane

The Bucket List #2: New Zealand on the Fly with Ronan Creane

For our latest bucket list episode we catch up with Galway man, Ronan Creane, whose love of fly fishing and big brown trout led him to New Zealand where he hasn’t left and is now firmly established as a full time guide during the season.

So just what is the life of a guide really like on some of the finest brown trout waters in the world and does he miss the Irish fishing at all?

Ronan discusses the sight fishing on the rivers, the need for speed in one’s casting and why the lakes are an untapped resource that deserve more time from any visiting angler.

Also on the episode, Tom talks about the expectations of the coming week for the mayfly on Lough Corrib, why the jungle drums are starting to beat and we will be hearing those immortal four words, ‘the mayfly is up’ very shortly.

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