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The collapse of Scotland's Loch Maree - a warning for Irish anglers

The collapse of Scotland's Loch Maree - a warning for Irish anglers

As fly anglers we have become all too aware of the environmental dangers and unwanted consequences of fish farming and what was once touted as an answer to more productive fish production has now been proved to be anything but.

Scotland is a case in point - the west coast of Scotland in particular, where salmon and sea trout runs have practically disappeared – much like what we’ve also seen with sea trout in Connemara.

Loch Maree was once the jewel in the crown for Scottish loch fishing but since the 1980s and the arrival of fish farms nearby, its fish numbers have been decimated.

So, for this latest episode of Ireland on the Fly we wanted to highlight how quickly a fishery can collapse, the effects on the fishing, the environment and the economy, whilst also finding out about some possible green shoots that are now emerging. 

Eoghain Maclean has been a ghillie on Loch Maree all his life and has been outspoken about the damage that has been done to the loch from fish farming and so he joined us to give us his perspective on the changes that he has seen in his lifetime.

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